Morning Sketch

My personal way of having a meditative experience without the angst (when it doesn’t seem to go well). Also sketching is an opportunity to focus on just one thing to be grateful for all day.


Waiting For Spring

Resting up for the big bloom.
We are waiting but not impatient. There is a big difference. Those climbing hydrangeas ned to rest up for the big show this summer.
And the shed likes to catch up on a bit of mid-winter sun.
Pretty picture out my kitchen window.
Can you tell we’re in the Northeast?

Yup. He does.

So I have been madly crocheting all afternoon (a few birthdays coming up) and I can’t help admiring old Elmo over there. Never says a word. just sits there waiting for his ‘kids’ to come back.
Don’t worry old man. they will be here sooner than you think.
The only one lazier than Elmo was Buttercup. She worked too hard jumping through snow banks on our winter walk this morning.


I wonder why it is that when I see flowers so beautiful I feel the need to try to capture them on paper, when there they are in all their glory hardly in need of my interpretation.  Perhaps I have an urge to share in the divine creation

Not In My Backyard Bear

Black Bear

Central Park Polar Bear

The queen of coolKeeping her cool on a hot day

Keeping her cool on a hot day

By The Sea

By The SeaHere is a watercolor of my amazingly cute grandson at the beach.  This is a classic pose for him…always busy.